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What They’re Saying

Curious to see what clients are saying? Browse through some testimonials below to get a better idea of what to expect and the kind of service you’ll receive when you consult with Force by Nature Hypnosis, LLC.

"I spent time with my close friend circle yesterday and everyone commented on how stress free and chill I seemed. They also said they hadn't noticed my "tick" the entire night! I didn't even realize I wasn't doing it. They're all now interested in hypnotherapy..."    -J.M

"I feel like a puddle melted onto the floor when I come out of hypnosis... wow. Sooooo nice. Thats what I have been telling my friends too! The total relaxation is amazing! Thank you! "                         -C.G

"... he had another great session with you! Thanks again so much, he has been 100% better, no anxiety, no mood swings..."    -A.W.


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