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It would be easier to ask how hypnosis can't help you! 

You can feel the positive effects from just the general relaxation state alone; most of my clients will say that they feel like they have had a 3-hour nap after their session. 

Here are some examples of why someone would want to come for hypnotherapy:

Motherhood & Childbirth

- Fight back against PPD, ease your anxiety's and take control of your brain.

-Adjust gracefully to your new title of being a mom.


- Pain managment for labor and post-partum care.

- Release stress and tension.


- Enjoy more mindful moments with your littles.

Increase in confidence & self-esteem

- Build a positive self-image

- Develop a strong sense of self-worth

- Cultivate self-love and self-acceptance

- Overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk

- Increase your confidence in social situations and relationships

STOP smoking, vaping, or chewing

-Lower your risk of lung cancer, heart disease, and other cancers/disease. 

-Increase your quality of life, confidence, and energy levels!

- Save your money & time

- Stop letting "Big Tabacco" win


On the Scales_edited.jpg

- Explore your subconscious relationship between food/exercising.

- Learn to LOVE your body & feel good in your own skin

-Create new associations to healthier foods or workout routines.

- Get rid of the guilt and shame 

Trauma Recovery, PSTD, & Anxiety

- Explore your current triggers & change your response to them! 

-Find closure and forgiveness for yourself & others.


- Overcome insomnia and get restful sleep.

- Release stress, tension, flashbacks, nightmares and more from associated traumas.


- Strengthen the mind-body connection and gain more control over your thoughts.

Past Life Regression

Family Photos in B&W_edited.jpg

-Explore the lives you once lived

-Captivating and empowering experience

-Gain insight in your current life through

experiencing previous and incarnated lives.


-Find clarity for questions involving life purpose, fears, hidden strengths, etc..



- Overcome bedwetting, nail biting, shuddering, and more!

-Gain independence and confidence


- Rid them of fears/ phobias of the dark, vegetables, water, etc.. 

- Release stress and tension from the everyday life pressures.

** Don't see what you're looking for? Send me an email! I cover a wide variety of issues, hypnosis can help with just about anything and everything! **

Disclaimer: Hypnotherapists are not medical or psychological doctors. They are not permitted to diagnose medical ailments or DSM-V psychological disorders. A medical/psychological referral may be required when working with medical and/or mental issues. 

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